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To boost self confidence and to feel empowered in your own skin




Anti-wrinkle treatment is a powerful non-surgical treatment. It uses a natural purified medication called Botulinum toxin Type A that works by temporarily blocking the nerve impulse which leads to relaxed muscle activity preventing the skin from creasing. 

This treatment smoothes wrinkles and unwanted lines for a more rejuvenated and natural appearance. Anti-wrinkle injections have no downtime and is temporary, normally lasting around 3-4 months.

Treatment areas: Forehead, Frown, Crow's feet.

Other areas: Gummy smiles, Eyebrow lift, Overactive Chin, Bunny lines, Masseter / Jaw Slimming, Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Skin Boosters


Micro Filler is a facial treatment that contains over 14 natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Its a uniquely formulated dermal filler that is revolution to the anti-ageing world by stimulating collagen, boosting hydration and improving skin elasticity. 

Micro Filler works on the surface layer of your skin to holistically boost hydration and collagen across the whole face*, leaving you simply glowing.

*Micro Filler can also be used to treat Décolletage, Neck and Hands. 

MicroFiller targets: 

  • Fine Lines                                                           

  • Tired and dull skin under the eyes

  • Sagging skin 

  • Crepey skin texture

  • Dull and uneven skin tone



Dermal fillers are a non-invasive treatment that adds volume, defines structure and contours to enhance your best features. This is done by the use of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which is made from sugar naturally found in our bodies. The dermal filler used also contains a numbing agent, (Lidocaine) which is a medication assisting your comfort throughout your treatment.

HA is a gel like consistency ranging from soft to firm types, which will be individually selected to your treatment solutions discussed in your consultation. It will work to restore lost volume, lift, contour and to improve the overall appearance of your skin. Dermal filler can last from 6-24 months.

Treatment options: Cheeks, Lips, Chin, Jawline, Nasolabial fold, Temples, Tear-trough, Skin Boosting.



This non-surgical chin sculpting treatment is a permanent fat dissolving treatment that is FDA approved. It targets and destroys fat cells under the area of the chin to improve your profile. The prescription medicine used (Deoxycholic acid), is naturally found in the body which works by targeting fat cells underneath the chin which the body then absorbs and excretes.

A course of treatment varies from each client and requires 6-8 weeks between each treatment, leaving you with a more contoured and slimmer jawline permanently!

          FDA approved

PDO Threads 

PDO threads are a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that tightens and firms the skin addressing crepey and sagging skin. This treatment is exclusively performed by a Registered Nurse using techniques that aims to stimulate collagen and elastin production to improve sagging tissue, leaving fewer lines and wrinkles and improving facial contouring. 


Results are seen in 8-12 weeks post treatment and last up to 12 month. Maintenance treatment is recommended after this time. 


Treatment areas include: 

Crows feet, Frown Lines, Accordian lines, Perioral lines ( Smokers lines), Jawline, Submental. 


Prices start from $399


Bioremodelling treatment is revolutionary to the cosmetic injectables world and is a treatment that is one of its kind. It contains one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market, but differs to a regular dermal filler as its unique technology simulates skin cells receptors to counteract skin laxity, restores firmness ,boost and hydrate skin. It’s aimed for clients that want to improve their skin quality, elasticity and firmness. 

Treatment Areas: 


  • Face

  • Neck


How many sessions? - 2 Sessions are required one month apart initially, then maintenance is required 6-9 monthly depending on the degree of ageing. 


Price $1,700 ( for the two treatments) 6 monthly maintenance = $850 per session

IV Infusion.png
IV Infusion

Are you feeling low on energy or fatigued? Do you frequently catch a common cold or feel under the weather? Are your heading away for a holiday or big weekend? Or even lacking in your normal skin glow? Then FRN IV Vitamin Infusions may be what you need. 


Vitamin infusions are a simple, straightforward treatment that helps you look and feel your best. IV infusions allows vitamins, minerals and nutrients to bypass your gastrointestinal tract and enter your bloodstream directly saturating your body with all the benefits its lacking. 


Offering cellular hydration, energy, immunity and anti ageing benefits , Facetology RN IV Infusions will give you a greater sense of your own health and wellbeing. 


IV Infusions $250 per session 


  • Hydration 

  • Boost Me - ( Energy Protocol ) 

  • Immunity Boosting ( Immunity Protocol) 

  • Slow Down Time ( Anti-ageing protocol) 


Allow 45-60 mins per session 

  • This can be added onto your existing treatment. 

Cosmetic Medicine Application

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Absolutely loved my experience with Marie. After having botox at other places and always having to go back for top ups, or end up rather bruised. 1 week on and already my forehead is silky smooth - no top up needed, no issues at all! Thank you 

— Lauren —

Loved my experience with Marie. She made my lips plump.  Grate service and felt comfortable doing something I have never done. Thanks heaps

— Corey —

Looking back on when I first started treatments with Nurse Marie until now, I cannot believe how much my confidence has grown, with small natural changes. I cannot thank Marie for her expertise and guidance through this journey

— Sarah —

You actually the lip queen, I cannot thank you enough for my new lips. They have settled in so nicely and naturally.  You talking me through each step of the process made me feel so comfortable and aware. I cannot thank you enough! 

— Ashley —

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